Anna So Photography | Marysia & Xavier Wedding At The Ballroom at Church Street

Marysia & Xavier Wedding At The Ballroom at Church Street

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Marysia & Xavier Wedding Highlights

The Ballroom at Church Street

There is always a beautiful story behind every relationship.  For Marysia and Xavier, it is a magical one straight out of Disney.  They met at Disney's EPCOT in 2008.  Xavier knew he wanted to be happily ever after with his princess and did everything possible to just see her each day when he was at work by switching shifts and stations.  And lucky for him, Marysia noticed.  When they decided that they wanted a fairytale wedding at The Ballroom at Church Street to go with their Beauty and The Beast theme,  Xavier worked hard taking up three jobs to make sure his princess got her dream wedding.  When I heard this,  I was so touched, all I wanted was to make sure I capture this special day to preserve it forever for them.  I am so happy for Marysia and Xavier!!  Congratulations to the both of you!!  Of course once again I had an incredible that made my job easier.


Photographer:  Anna So Photography

Second Photographer:  Anthony Sassano

Coordinator:  Lynn Echevarria Stuckas, Your Events by L&L LLC

Makeup Artist:  Marissa Stuckas

Cinematography:  Magnafoto, Benamin Pena

DJ:  Cliff Bell, CRB Entertainment

Florist:  Mrs Kelly Dixon, Union Blooms Floral Weddings

Cake:  Amber, Party Flavor Custom Cakes

Caterer:  Amy Biggs, Puff n Stuff of Ballroom at Church Street

Officient:  Mann McMillian

Linen:  Eli Zaragoza, Linen Creation by JEG

Photobooth:  Trung Nguyen, SNAP! Studio Booth

Transportation:  Josh, Apollo's Chariots

Location:  Ballroom at Church Street


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