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Tara & Kathy

January 04, 2017  •  3 Comments

Tara & Kathy Disney's Boardwalk Engagement

I believe in soul mates and true love.  Tara and Kathy have been together for so many years.  They both moved to Orlando, Florida together from up north many moons ago.  I am so happy that they will have the chance to tie the knot.  I am looking forward to their big day!!

Here are a few photos from their engagement.

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Aiden Alive
wishing you a very happy life..May you live long...Love u so much...
Paige Stone(non-registered)
Wishing you and your children great joy and blessings on your upcoming wedding day. You already are the cutest family ever!
LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE the pics! Uncle David...c u guys soon!!!!
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