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Victoria & Chris Engagement Teasers

August 04, 2016  •  1 Comment

Wow!!  All I can say is that this is a small world.  I first learned about Victoria (Tori) and Chris needing a photographer for their wedding just a couple of weeks ago on a Facebook post.  They posted about losing their first photographer and were looking for a new one.  A few of my friends had mentioned me to them.  It turned out that we are friends with a lot of the same people and I work with Tori's two best friends who are going to be her bridesmaids.  We all hit it off right away after we met.  

During our initial meeting I offered to do an engagement session for them and mentioned that I've always wanted to do a session at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.  To my surprise, they LOVE the real New Orleans, Louisiana.  So we decided to meet there.  Of course as predicted with Florida's weather, it rained all afternoon.  We didn't let a little rain stop us though.

Here are a few photos from our session.


VC_0012VC_0012 VC_0023VC_0023 VC_0119VC_0119 VC_0120VC_0120 VC_0138VC_0138 VC_0143VC_0143 VC_0149VC_0149 VC_0151VC_0151 VC_0156VC_0156 VC_0157VC_0157 VC_0204VC_0204 VC_0222VC_0222 VC_0231VC_0231 VC_0243VC_0243 VC_0246VC_0246 VC_0259VC_0259 VC_0267VC_0267 VC_0288VC_0288 VC_0289VC_0289 VC_0291VC_0291 VC_0298VC_0298 VC_0302VC_0302 VC_0305VC_0305 VC_0313VC_0313 VC_0318VC_0318 VC_0327VC_0327 VC_0332-2VC_0332-2 VC_0332VC_0332 VC_0343VC_0343 VC_0345VC_0345 VC_0363VC_0363 VC_0375VC_0375 VC_0406VC_0406 VC_0413VC_0413 VC_0454VC_0454 VC_0479VC_0479 VC_0497VC_0497 VC_0499VC_0499 VC_0508VC_0508 VC_0531VC_0531 VC_0539VC_0539 VC_0548VC_0548 VC_0551VC_0551 VC_0556VC_0556 VC_0557VC_0557 VC_0574VC_0574 VC_0582VC_0582 VC_0592VC_0592 VC_0597VC_0597 VC_0598VC_0598 VC_0608VC_0608 VC_0616VC_0616 VC_0633VC_0633 VC_0650VC_0650 VC_0659VC_0659 VC_0665VC_0665 VC_0667VC_0667 VC_0669VC_0669 VC_0672VC_0672 VC_0684VC_0684 VC_0689VC_0689 VC_0705VC_0705 VC_0721VC_0721 VC_0727VC_0727 VC_0733VC_0733 VC_0756VC_0756


Betz LaCounte(non-registered)
I dont know why anyone would ever want another photographer. Anna you make everything amazing! I'm so happy for Chris and Tori, beautiful couple.
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