Anna So Photography | Jennifer & Andrew Florida Lakeside Wedding at Mission Inn Marina del Rey

Jennifer & Andrew Florida Lakeside Wedding at Mission Inn Marina del Rey

May 27, 2016  •  2 Comments

I had the greatest pleasure being part of the two most affectionate couple.  I knew these two are soulmates when I first met them five months ago.  Thank you for inviting me to capture your beautiful day.  

My drive from Orlando to Howey-In-The-Hills for the big day started off with the typical Florida weather, heavy wind and rain.  I was worried for a second but I had hope on my side.  Just as I pulled into Mission Inn, it already went down to a drizzle.  As the hour went by and I was finishing up with detail and getting ready shots, it completely stopped raining.  We ended up with the most beautiful sunset shining through the Spanish moss hanging from the majestic cypress trees which provided a beautiful backdrop for Jennifer & Andrew's May wedding in Florida.

Thank you to an amazing team who helped make my job easier.  Tony Sassano (second photographer), Mission Inn Resorts & Club Weddings, Elegant Entertainment DJ and Video Services Orlando, Bluegrass Chic,  BCupcakes and Publix.  And thank you Dana at Mission Inn for all your help.

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Sue Field(non-registered)
Jennifer, you have always been a beautiful girl but on this day you became a beautiful woman. Congratulations!
Susan Mulvaney(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much. I might have to fly you to Idaho for Andrew's brothers wedding in May 2016.
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