Taplan & Megan Elopement

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Taplan & Megan Elopement 

Orange County Courthouse., Orlando, Florida

Taplan and Megan got hitched today at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida. I am so honored to have encountered these two beautiful people through  my friend Missy.  I had many ups and downs in my life including relationships but I never gave up.  I kept with my beliefs.  I believe in soul mates and true love, fate and destiny.  A course of life can change with just one chance encounter.  I believe in friendship old and new.  Missy is my new friend and from my encounter with her, I met Taplan and Megan, an amazing and loving couple.  I believe a photograph is powerful and the memories capture is priceless.  We had such a great afternoon photographing around downtown Orlando.  We encountered the firefighters at the Downtown Orlando Fire Station.  They were so friendly and kind even offered us the use of their firetruck.  Wow!!  I was expecting to get kicked off the area but instead, they open their doors to us.  I still believe in people.


Please enjoy a few fun photos from out day.

Congratulations Taplan & Megan


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