Kori & Brian Wedding Highlights

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Kori & Brian Wedding Highlights


January 14, 2017

I first met Kori and Brian in May 2016 at Rollins College for their engagement session.  I knew they were perfect for each other back then.  I have been looking forward to their wedding all these months.  We started off with the bridal preparation at Courtyard by Marriott in Cocoa Beach, Fl.  The ceremony was at Ascension Catholic Church in Melbourne.  It was a very beautiful church where Brian attended when he was a young boy. Both Kori and Brian are devoted Catholic. 

My favorited place of the day was Birdsong Barn.  I'm starting to realize that there are many barns in Central Florida and each one is as adorable as the other.  This adorable barn is located at the end of a small road in Titusville, Florida.  GPS will drop you off before you actually get there, luckily I saw a sign on the side of the road.  The first thing I noticed when I got out the car to unload my equipment was the sound of birds singing.  This place is chic from the grounds to the table cloth.  I decided to take bohemian rustic with the editing.  But of course I always keep the original classic and timeless style as an option for all my clients.

Thank you Kori and Brian for giving me the opportunity to be part of your big day!!

Other Credits

Decorations:  Betsy Armstrong

Flowers:  Mary Carley

Caterer:  A Chef's Touch

DJ:  DJ Tunes

Hair and Makeup:  Glamour Room by Jaime

Bartending:  Absolute Bartending


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