Kelly & Michael wedding Highlights October 29, 2016

November 13, 2016  •  4 Comments

We love Kelly and Michael's amazing rustic wedding at The Enchanting Barn in Osteen, Florida. 

Located about an hour drive from Orlando, Florida, The Enchanting Barn is perfect for your vintage and rustic wedding.  When I first visited this place with Kelly and Mike to capture their engagement photos, I knew that this place will be a hit.  This beautiful barn sits on an open field of grass with a pond and a vintage pickup truck.  I have waited for months to finally capture Kelly and Mike's wedding.  

Congratulations Kelly and Michael!!  Your wedding was so amazing.  Here are a few photos from your special day.

Enjoy everyone!

Special thanks to

The Enchanting Barn for providing an incredible venue

Valarie Speed with All That Glitz Events for the seamless coordinating

Robbie Memorable DJ Entertainment for creating all the excitement

Jennifer Roberts Warrington with Party Shots Orlando for the awesome photo booth


Tony Sassano for helping me with the photos.


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Maureen and Fred(non-registered)
What beautiful photos! You captured many lovely moments of a lovely wedding. Congratulations to both of you!
T. Rex(non-registered)
I dont see myself.
Valarie Speed(non-registered)
Kelly and Michael both looked stunning on their wedding day and we enjoyed coordinating their wedding. Anna you were OUTSTANDING and your work speaks volumes! It was an honor to work with you.
Lynn Dickerson(non-registered)
Great pictures, beautiful couple, beautiful wedding. Kelly, Mom said you didn't miss a single detail. She was so right!!! Great job!
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