Ashley, Jessie and Ollie Family

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Ashley, Jessie and Ollie

November 18, 2016 at Greenwood Urban Wetland, Orlando, Florida

It is always great to have new photos before the Holidays.  When Ashley and Jessie told me they wanted to have their family photos done,  I needed to fine a quiet place that is dog friendly.  I had the dog park in Baldwin Park in mind and decided to scout out the area the day before but never made it there.  As I was driving there, a sparkle from a pond caught my eye. I have drove by this pond for the last 15 years and never thought to stop.  So I said to myself, heck, I'm already here I might as well check it out.  Wow!!  To my surprise, it is a wetland right next to downtown.  This must be the place where the stream from Azalea Dickson Park must flow into.  We got some country chic photos in the middle of the city.


Got to love Orlando, The City Beautiful.

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